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Q) Is Your Wallpaper Free?
A) Yes. As long as you are using the wallpaper for personal use, and following the Terms Of Use we have for the images on our site.

Q) How Often Is New Wallpaper Added?
A) New wallpaper is added to the site daily. Not only can new wallpaper be added by me, but we've designed this site so that if you are a registered member to this site (with a free account), you can choose to upload your own images and have them added to the wallpapers we show on the site!

Q) How Many Wallpapers Do You Have Right Now?
A) We do have a tool to count the wallpapers on our site instantly, and from the moment you loaded this page, we have 976 free wallpapers and 0 member wallpapers (976 total) on the site that can be viewed by people.

Q) What Type Of Wallpaper Can I Upload To Share?
A) As long as you upload an image that is not offensive, and you are able to find an appropriate category, we will not turn down your images to share with everyone. All wallpaper uploaded will be screened by a human to make sure it's appropriate for the category you choose. Also, we do strongly request that all the wallpaper you upload and want to share is at least 1024x768 or a standard wallpaper size. Here is a list of approved wallpaper sizes.

Q) Is Registration Free?
A) Yes. Registration to our site is very simple, and will always be free. We are constantly updating the options you have throughout the site, and members will always get more advanced versions of our options.

Q) Why Should I Register Anyway?
A) Registration is totally optional, but members of the site are able to view the 0 member only images. On top of that, members have more options throughout the site, more "pull" on how wallpaper ranks when they vote, and the ability to add their own wallpaper to the sites collection! This is just a few of the features members receive, and what the heck,...Registration is free!

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