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What information do I collect about you during your visit to BackgroundBandit:
  • Information is obtained about you in a couple of ways.
    1. My servers create log files of all requests made for web pages and graphics and these logs contain the time of the request, the IP address of the request, the resource requested, the browser and OS used to make the request, and the web link which was clicked to cause the request to be made (called the "referer"). I analyse these logs to get a better idea of when my site is the busiest, which items are the most (and least) popular, which ISPs my visitors are using to access my site, and which pages on the web link to me. All of this information is used to improve the content on my site and your experience while browsing it. At no time do I store information about specific users, unless there is evidence that a user is making requests from my system intended to breach security and gain illegal access.
    2. During your signup process, we collect your chosen email address, username, password, first name, and last name only. We store this along with the creation date and the IP address used to set up your new account at BackgroundBandit.com.
  • What do I do with the information I collect?: First of all, you can rest easy knowing that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER will BackgroundBandit.com share your personal information with any 3rd party. Your email address will never be given (or sold) to spammers and, if you're a member, your signup data will never be be given (or sold) to junk mailers. BackgroundBandit.com is 100% committed to your privacy and your peace of mind. This policy will NEVER change.

    The information I collect from and about you (listed above) is used only to improve my site and your experience using it. Email addresses are collected only with your permission and are only used in accordance with the options you choose. Joining one gallery on my site (the free gallery list, for example) does not automatically add you to any other lists (like one of my member's gallery lists). You can have a free account with BackgroundBandit.com that allows you to vote on images, and set certian options throughout the site.

    I use information from my server logs (see point one above) to determine the most (and least) popular content on my site and to adjust accordingly. I use the IP address information to help diagnose problems with my systems. Server log information is only used in aggregate form, and is never used to isolate specific visitor browsing patterns.

    Member's username information is stored in my server logs and is used only to detect illicit attempts to access protected data.

  • Unsolicited Email: It is and shall forever be BackgroundBandit.com's policy to never send you email that you didn't expressly ask for. If you send me an email through your personal email account, of course, I may choose to drop you a line sometime in the future. This would be a personal issue only though, and you take the same risk whenever you send an email to another individual. I do not collect the addresses of people who send me email, but I may add your address to my personal address book if we have an interesting conversation. If you don't want me to, just say so when you write me. This policy also extends to people who use my Contact Form. No information collected from that form will be used to send you unsolicited email or identify you in any way other than as a friendly person who emailed me.
  • Third Parties Collecting Information about BackgroundBandit Users: BackgroundBandit.com does not currently work with any 3rd party companies that might collect your information. We have added Google AdSense technology to our site, which is used only for serving banner ads that relate to our current content.

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